Hill Skills

Hill Skills

A two day workshop developed to give you the skills and confidence to move about with freedom and security in the mountains of the UK.

By the end of the workshop, you will have learned how to:

  • Think about mountain safety- what to do if things go wrong and what

    we can do to prevent problems from happening by incorporating

    effective planning into our walks.

  • Move efficiently through the hills to help avoid tiredness and injury.

  • Orientate and understand the map and the relevance of the ‘Three


  • Understand the key components of our compass.

  • Understand, identify and use different types of features on a map and

    the ground around us.

  • Understand contours.

  • Take and walk on a bearing, and also use reverse and back bearings.

  • Estimate distance and time

  • Confirm your location and provide a grid reference.

    Navigation is a skill that gets easier and more rewarding with practice. It enhances our walks in the hills through a deeper awareness and appreciation of our surroundings.
    We hope you will come away with the confidence to get out and practice and to build on the skills you will have learnt.

    Mountain Safety

  • The key to mountain safety lies in preparation

    It can take years for hillwalkers to refine their kit and skills. We have listed what you should pack for your time in the hills with us.


  • *Walking boots, in reasonable condition.

  • *Waterproof coat and trousers.

  • *Hat and gloves

  • *Back pack (min 30L)

  • *Spare warm layer

  • *Enough food and drink (recommended 1.5-2 litres) for the day

  • *Head torch with spare batteries

  • Camera or camera phone! (optional)

  • Walking poles (optional)


For any navigation/hill skills workshop, please also bring:

**Silva 4 compass
**OL 17 Explorer map from Ordnance Survey.



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