Overseas Expeditions

Overseas Expeditions

We believe that your overseas adventures should leave you with amazing memories that last a lifetime. And thats what we deliver. Bucket list challenges with the extra factor. We take care of every minor detail to ensure that all you have to do is turn up and enjoy your experience.  Our packages include all of the hidden fees and charges that you will experience with other companies, which will often more than double what you pay for the actual challenge. We kid you not!  What might look like a great price usually comes with a few nasty surprises!  We'll list some of these further on but for now, just rest assured that you're amazing bucket list challenge will be just that, AMAZING!

So, why are we so determined to ensure that your overseas adventure is the best it can be?  Well that all started when our founder, Chris Littlehales, went on his own adventure to Kilimanjaro in 2013.  What was an amazing adventure was slightly marred by the extra costs that were incurred which should have been included.  On his return and with 10 years experience in the mountains as a hobby, he set about quickly getting qualified as a mountain leader in order to provide challenge events in the way that they should be done.  At the end of the day, you should get what you pay for and no less.  

Founding our company with the National 3 Peaks Challenge in 24 hours, Chris has guided us to be the only company to consistently deliver what we advertise. As Chris keeps reminding us 'If you are going to do something, be the best at it'!  It's this ethos that drives our challenge events.  We work hard to ensure that every minor detail is taken care of. All you have to worry about is turning up and enjoying yourself.

Our overseas packages include everything that most other companies don't.  From the moment you arrive in country, you are taken care of.  All transfers, accommodation, meals and unlike ANY other company, tips for the in country team are all included in the cost of the trip.  In fact, the only thing not included in the cost is your beer! Or wine.  And thats just because some of our challengers can really drink! lol.  We will of course buy you a few drinks at your celebratory dinner.

Some other companies can charge double what we charge for the same trip.  We guarantee though that you will not get a better experience just because you pay more. We provide the best resources in country and you can't get better.  So why are we so good then? The answer is simple. Every overseas adventure is hosted by Chris. We believe that it is important to be there and personally oversea each event.  That is why the number of events we host each year is limited.  With other companies, you may have a UK guide accompany you but the likelihood is that you will be left at the mercy of the local team and in some developing countries, it is an unfortunately reality that they will insist on excessive tips and take you out for meals that include heavy commissions.  There is none of this with us.

Whats included in all of our overseas adventures:

Airport transfers incountry.


All meals.

Water on the mountains.

Tips for the incountry team.

Whats not included:

Visa fees


Plane ticket

Alcoholic drinks

Do you want to know what hidden charges you may incur with other companies?

-Larger operators will state in their terms that they will pay a percentage of your fuel surcharge duty when a plane ticket is included in the cost, usually 5%.  What they don't tell you at the booking stage is that the fuel surcharge duty makes up the largest part of the ticket cost. Typically, you will be given an additional invoice for about £250 a week before you are due to leave on your adventure, leaving you no time to question it for fear of missing your trip.  This happened to our founder Chris.  A sour note before his challenge had even started! Beware!!

-Except for us, tips for the incountry team will not be included in the cost of your challenge.  For Kilimanjaro these are typically $200 and if you are not aware of these at the start of the challenge, they can be a shock when demanded.  We are also aware of non UK guided adventurers being escorted to the bank in Tanzania to give $400 each as tips.  Shocking isn't it.  Theres none of this with us. Your tips are included in the cost and we are transparent when distributing them.  We do a presentation to the team in front of our challengers with a declared amount of tips for each of the team.  And if you really really want to, you can add up the totals to see that the full amount is distributed to the team.

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